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SHOULD I USE ICE OR HEAT ON MY INJURY? This is one of the most common question asked in our office. As a general rule, ice should be used during the first 1-4 days of injury, commonly known as the acute stage. Ice is best used by placing an ice pack for 15-20 minutes every hour as needed. After the initial (acute) stage, you can usually switch to heat. Moist heat is more beneficial than dry heat and can be accomplished by using a heating source over a moist towel for 15-20 minutes every hour as needed. A heating source can include a newer heating pad with a sponge or a microwavable hot packs. Hot showers or baths are also beneficial. Avoid sleeping on a heating pad overnight. Contrast therapy (alternating heat and ice) can also be used to help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. If ever in doubt, please use ice or contact our office.

CAN CHIROPRACTIC HELP MY HEADACHES? ​Absolutely! Headaches are a distress signal, your body telling you something is out of balance. One should not delude oneself into assuming that headaches are "normal" and that they can be easily corrected with pain killers. Seeking relief by merely drugging the pain often allows the symptoms to go untreated. The further the condition is permitted to advance, the more difficult it is to overcome. Headaches are often cased by neck, back and shoulder problems. A chiropractic evaluation will help determine the cause of your headaches-whether it be tension, migraine or other organic causes. Most chronic or recurring headaches at the base of the skull and upper neck are caused by irritation to the upper three spinal nerves, which may produce radiation to the top of the head and temples. Experience has shown that headaches cased by mechanical and structural defects of the spine respond readily to the specialized care of a chiropractic physician. Under chiropractic care, a patient is either treated of referred after a comprehensive diagnosis.

WHAT IS TMJ AND WHAT PROBLEMS CAN IT CAUSE? ​The temporomandibular joint or TMJ, is the joint where your skull meets your lower jaw. The joint is located just in front of your ear and can be felt easily when you open and close your mouth. Many factors can cause dysfunction in this joint such as stress, grinding or clenching you teeth, injury and even poor posture. With stress, muscles of the jaw tighten, compressing the joint and its disc. Injury, such as whiplash, can stretch or tear ligaments which cause unusual stress on the joint and cause pain. The TMJ can also become arthritic, wearing away the disc, leaving the bones rubbing and irritating the nerves. Symptoms of a TMJ dysfunction may include headache, clicking, pain, stiffness or locking of the jaw. Your chiropractic can examine the TMJ and determine what treatment is necessary. This may include adjustments, ice, massage or orthodontic splints from you dentist or orthodontist.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CHIROPRACTIC? Short-term and regular chiropractic care have a number of benefits including: Spinal and Extremity pain relief Headache relief Increased mobility and range of motion Decreased stiffness and muscular spasms Arthritic joint pain relief Increased joint health Increased performance and energy Increase sense of well being and relaxation Increased balance and coordination Reduced degeneration and risk of injury Enhanced tissue healing Decreased tissue inflammation

CAN CHIROPRACTIC HELP MY BACK PAIN DURING PREGNANCY? ​During pregnancy, the increasing weight and size of the baby put stress on the spine's three natural curves. As a results, changes in posture occur that can cause pain in your back and legs and cause pressure on nerves, especially the sciatic nerve. Chiropractic care is a natural way to treat back pain during and after pregnancy. You and your chiropractor, working in conjunction with your OB, will discuss your symptoms and your lifestyle. Gentle physical, orthopedic and neurological tests help to reveal the condition of your spine. Gently pressing on the spine helps check for tenderness, pain, swelling and restricted range of motion. These test are safe for the baby and the Mother. Once the exam is complete, your chiropractor will perform a gentle adjustment to help relieve your back and leg pain by releasing the pressure on the nerves and storing spinal motion and alignment. Adjustments are safe up until delivery and cause no harm to the baby. In addition, other type of treatments to improve your posture and relieve you back and leg pain may be instituted. These may include ice, heat, massage or gentle stretching exercises.

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